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What comes to your mind when you here the term social media? Like everyone else it pops up in your head that your content can be consumed by the entire world in no time. In Contrary if you promote your products through newspaper it only has a varied reach and moreover the cost increases according to the region/country in which it is published.

The greatest benefit of social media is that it helps connect people all throughout the world irrespective of their location. One of the biggest advantage is that it is entirely free to start. The only investment people need is in the form of time. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn has grown at an extensive rate and captured millions of users in a few years. The way the technology is growing it is obvious that more and more people will take its advantage in the coming years.

 When we talk about social media everyone wants action on it. A company's value is judged on the basis of engagement on their page. If a company fails to do so people tend to lose interest and tend to shift on other brands. Since people are free to share whatever they want, it can impact positively when good words are shared.

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 It keeps us updated about the latest happenings at any part of the world. How we see a content going viral within minutes and how a petty talk leads to a controversy. Working on this platform requires caution as the brands image can be made and get ruined within seconds. When it comes about promoting your business be it online or offline the whole world is open to you, any enterprise be it small, medium or large can reach millions of people depending on its budget and the most interesting part is that you get to know the right audience and the demographic area that you need to cater and it provides insights as to how people are reacting to your products.

 It is a tool which comes up with instant feedback and lets you know which part of it is blooming and what is lagging behind, which helps to make smarter business decisions. It helps in building and participating in a community to discuss and share related stuffs and get when needed. People are using social media to get donation for needy people and it's become easier to provide help to such people. Social media has its dominance to reach the largest audience out there. It opens a door to discover the new and innovative stuffs which can enhance our personal and professional life.

When a new company comes into existence it has become easier for them to gain its presence digitally and it also has an advantage to know how his products are performing. Earlier people used to wander from door to door to demonstrate the new product in the market and with social media it happens with just a click which saves the effort, time and cost of the company.

Business Mantra :: From farmers to teachers, students to lawyers every individual of the society can benefit from social media and its awareness factors.

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